Bathed, it was the dead of the night where everyone had shut off into their reverie where I was here, scoured away the burden that was adhesive to my body for the week. Wreathed in the towel, I leaped gently to the kitchen and grabbed the nail clippers in order to trim my nails.

Picked up the old newspaper, made sure one of the lights were switched on, proceeded on sitting by the initial flight of stair, ready to cut my nails in the middle of the night. The Chinese has a superstition that if you trim your nails at night, it spells bad omen to you.

Like I cared, that was spurious, nothing but pure belief. I did not know what was lined up for me at that time, my mind was just nothing more than just craving for my bed after the warm shower.

Clip. Clip. Clip. A rhythmic pattern, I was shaping my nail as a triangle, then clipping away the tip, gradually shaving off the excess growth of nail on my fingers. Clip. Clip. Clip. One by one, I finished clipping the fingernails on my right hand.

As I swapped my hands, an unknown presence flitted across the dimly lit vicinity. The singular light flickered once, enough to throw myself into a slight panic. Negligence was the best card to play, I resumed in trimming my fingernails. When I began to press the nail clipper on my right thumb, the ominous presence lurked, extended its right hand into my very soul, literally scaring the shit out of me.

Cold sweat started to dripped across my forehead, the chill down my spine was prominent, the air was stale and stagnant as if everything was frozen in time. My hands were shaking, I proceeded trimming my pointer as quickly as I could, surmised that if I finished faster, got back to bed with the blanket as my only protection, I could probably fend off the abominable existence.

Shaping my pointer’s nail into a triangle, the habit resumed with the toughest part of trimming my nails that would inflict the most pain- more like a spasm- through my pointer.


The shock lingered into my system. Redness was the next thing I saw. Beads of blood rolled into a circular ball of liquid, the redness also stained the nail clipper itself. The fear inside me grew, I was scared of whether I had summoned the demons with my blood.

Petrified, I could not grasp what had happened. The light started to act violently, shadows began to form around me, shedding fear into my system. I still could not move as the apparition hovered across me.

Clink. Clink. I dropped the nail clipper, rushed away from the stairs, nearly tripped on my own foot. Slammed shut the toilet doors without turning on the lights in the toilet, silly me. Cowered back, deeper into the bathroom, I was greeted with a wall, that was as much that I could go.

The toilet door started to shake viciously, as if someone was trying to break in. I wanted to shout, but there was no voice coming out of my mouth, just squeaks of fear squeezed out of me. I grabbed myself as tight as possible, shielded my eyes from what I could not see but fear.

My heart was shrouded with fear, I could no longer catch hold of myself. I started to hyperventilate, hallucinating, imagining. My head was toying around with me, fatigue was one of the main attributes to my current state. I shrilled crazily in my head where I tired myself off into sleep in the bathroom.

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