Gooey Situation

A breakthrough has been made in the world of nanotechnology where people managed to create nanobots that can consume oil leaks in the ocean and convert those waste into creating more of those nanobots, namely GOO. The tiny creations each spanned about a nanometre in diameter, waterproof, having a spherical body that is flexible, malleable, unbreakable.

The process where GOO produces its own replica can be described as such. It first consumes the oil spill, breaking apart the long complex carbon chains found in oil, piecing them into another GOO as if it is putting together a puzzle, and thus it can create an infinite amount of themselves by just exposing them to oil based products.

Prototypes of GOO have been rapidly tested in labs to ensure their practicality in reality. However, by the pushy nature of this industry, there are bound to be flaws, major ones. Green light has been signaled to the manufacturers in order to deploy them to clean a small oil spill in the middle of the South China Sea.

Impatience will result into unprecedented consequences. Once GOO is deployed into the ocean, there is a line of code that is erroneous, a mistake to great to be dealt with. GOO was programmed to consume only ‘long-chain carbons’, but the line of coding did not specify how long the carbon chain could be.

Lest not forget, most of the living things on earth are carbon-based.

Although there are strict monitoring of GOO, the hundred GOO that was deployed into the oil spill proliferated quicker than expected, violating Moore’s Law because GOO began consuming all of the carbon-based objects surrounding it, without any regards because of the flawed coding.

The computer servers controlling GOO broken down, leaving GOO to run amok. GOO started to search for more carbon-based objects to be consumed, plankton was the primary target, sooner to small fishes, eventually covering the whole patch of ocean with themselves.

A buster call was rung. The emergency was rated with utmost urgency, using all of the best minds from around the globe, from the good or the bad, all of them were urged to hack GOO and stop this nuisance.

As the threat has spread into an alarming rate, killing off almost every aquatic living things in that 1 kilometre radius in an hour, the officials had to call a nuke to shut this problem out. The nuke targeted 5 kilometre radius in order to obliterate every single GOO in existence.

Detonated, radiation was the inevitable consequence.

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