Future Crimes by Marc Goodman (Book Review)

Moore’s Law has been applicable to our lives, especially our technological parts, which depicts that growth is exponential. Ranging from your laptop to your fridge which are objects that are connected to the internet, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), are completely hack-able.

“Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” stated by Murphy’s Law is bona fide that comes hand in hand with Moore’s Law and the technological era that we are currently in. Future Crimes illustrated how feeble, flimsy our safety online, ranging from identity theft, credit card theft, disrupting GPS signals, genetic manipulation for malicious disease outbreak, bio-terrorism, drone hacking, to hacking you.

Not only the safety of those aspects as mentioned above, but also the awareness of the people are lower than knowing the basics of how internet works. Quoting an outrageous example from the book, one of the governing bodies of America still uses manual methods to messages across- like freaking pen and paper, and claiming that using the internet, e-mail, is a hassle.

Our days are numbered, there is no such thing as completely secured internet. However, we can stand together, take action against those creators of poorly secured software, hardwares or websites, like when doctors fail to carry out an operation, we can sue them easily, let us make this the same as for the creators of the IoT, hold them accountable for their lackadaisical actions.

Alas, our people can form a group of innovative defense group against the hackers. If the hackers can be lucrative with their attacks, why are we still here, defenseless?

I will give this book a 3.5/5, a good exposure to those who do not know a thing about this issue of the internet, but my scores are biased because I am reading a repeat of what I already know. The language and the presentation used are a little off, I can fall asleep reading this. (totally biased review)

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