Lies are inevitable, our mouth are lie generators, and it is undeniable that I tell lies. In the previous month, I had not been truthful enough to myself, I was falling short in many aspects of life. I did not even study much and yet I still convinced myself that everything is fine.

No. No. Just no.

Everything is crumbling into pieces, and I need to find a way out. Just a few more months, I need to pull this off, get this long shot in.


Early to bed. Early to rise. I sort of did it, a progress compared to nothing, I started to shut my phone off at 11, and read some books before sleeping. I reckoned that I slept before 12 for most of the days in August except for a few. 

Read. And Write A Book Review Every Week. Still the same as the last attempt, I only managed to read two books. I will make sure this month to be more fruitful. 

Complete a comeback story. Not even started yet.

Run. I did slack, but I still ran.

Study. To be frank, no, I did not study.

September Goals:

Early to Bed. Early to Rise.

This time I aim to shut off my phone by 10.30 p.m. Get some reading done and sleep.

Read. Write Book Reviews.

Three books this month.

Complete My Unfinished Work.

Japan’s trip (yes, I lied to myself that I was going to finish it.), Comeback story.


Three times per week, time to get back to business.


I have 9 papers to sit at the end of the year, so… I better get started.

Monetising My Blog.

Yes, you are not seeing things. I am going to do so. Just need to borrow my friend’s credit card to help me out. Since I am running out of photo storage space, I might as well monetise my blog.

Phone Cleanse.

I feel like this would be a once a week thing, where I do not use any form of social media or Youtube for a day.

Tik. Tok.

Time IS Flying

Hopefully I get to fulfill this month’s goals.

What are your goals for this month? Drop a link or a comment down at the comment section down below! Thank you so much for your support and time.

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