Doing It Wrong.

Drumming my fingers against the keyboards with no words appearing on the screen, staring at the four walls of my surroundings seeing off-white. Frustration is a common thing that I encounter every day, inevitable in another sense. Looking back in the crux of why I wanted to read- to write is to improve.

But, Am I doing so?

I started this blog with the only intentions to improve my language skills and to store my memories in the form of words, only to be reminisced or to be shared with other people. No matter how tough the day was, I kept writing, writing and writing, just to meet the deadline which was to post something at the end of the day.

Eventually, I got sloppy in my writings, no new vocabulary, no new breakthroughs, no new sentence structures, no nothing. My style was getting bland. I realised that I am the one who is not putting in any hard work into this blog rather I was putting repetitive work which was counterproductive to what my intention is- to improve.

Whilst debating with myself about how my writing style plunged down the hill, I pondered upon another question, Do my readers understand what I wanted to present? Another aspect of me, I started to overlook the minute details of my writings when my workload piled up, I did not do any proof-read on most of my writings after entering school. My pace was messed up, I did not treat my writing with honour, that was a disgrace for me.

I want to do this and that.


Aiya, I can’t lah, because of this and that.

End up, nothing is accomplished. What a joke that I have created of myself.

I am living in a imaginary place that I love- comfort. I love to be in the comfort zone, very much.

It is so nice, resting my ass around comfort’s embrace.




Simply write lah… Just for the sake of piling up my stock writings.

Just write anything lah, can’t think of any ideas also.

Aiya, very tired today, don’t write lah!

The devils are vicious. I must stand strong, persevere and write quality content.

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10 thoughts on “Doing It Wrong.

  1. I’m sorry, what’s “lah”? 🙂 I hope you will find your voice. Sometimes it’s the matter of what you want to say not how that make you start looking for very specific words.

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