I think… I am…

Why? How many times are we through with this? Are you going to express yourself to yourself again that you are in love again?

No, I feel like. I am lost, about who I am really into. I feel like there is too many people that I have in mind. 

So, what is the problem? You feel like you are in love with multiple individuals at the same time? Eww… Gross.

No! No… Yes. I could not deny the fact that you are right, but as I pondered upon a previous advice that was given for me, it appears that I am just too ‘hungry’ and ‘thirsty’ and desperately need someone to quench my desires. I mean, I am human too, I love and…

What do you mean by love?

That is the fundamental problem that I am facing now. I am blur about my preferences, I am not so good on a human interaction basis. Most of the times, I just take things too overly or just somehow or rather manage to screw my mind up with stupid thoughts. Overthinking might be killing me…

Stop blabbering. Answer me. What do you mean by love?

It is when… I don’t know…


That’s that, I don’t know anymore. 


I wonder why I am so bad at people.

Fair enough. Just wait. Do not rush your way in like previous times. Do not force your way into other people’s life.


Wait for the right time, for the right person, for the right moment.


Get to know more people, bond more relationships, find out what truly matters to you the most, learn to love. It is never easy to love, it requires limitless effort and love is a verb, nothing else more.

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9 thoughts on “Wait…

  1. Maybe this is an answer:
      &nbsp: Imagining being the other person, celebrating her triumphs with pride, and wishing the best for the both of us when we are mutually helping each other.

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