When reality checked in,
Loneliness steps in,
Along with other
Grown-up problems.

It is not the kind of
Good solitude that
You deserve at times;
It is being alone.

You will come to a point
You eat alone,
You sleep alone,
You study alone,
You drive alone,
You do anything,

Even when it is a dire situation,
You are the key element
In handling yourself
In order to solve it.

Sooner or later,
Or even when reading this,
It is because
You are lonely
Even being with the ones
Closest to you.

Being alone;
Are semantics closer
Than you ever thought.

Both illustrates
Experiences that involves
Only one individual-

Even when you are
Near death’s gate.
You are alone,
Facing your own death,
Not anyone else can experience
What you are experiencing
At the moment.

There is His presence,
God that always provides.

Although you might wrestle
With the fact that
Believing in a human-created concept;
Something that is imaginary;
Something that is not real;
Intangible, fake.

We are believing
A belief that is
Beyond human comprehension.

It is difficult to accept Him.

But, what else can we do?

Other temptations,
Are just…

For God so loved the world
That He gave his only begotten son,
That whoever believes in Him
Shall not perish
But have eternal life.

– John 3:16

And you are not alone,

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