The adage- fire is a good servant but a bad master, depicts the reality that we live in, a cyborg-like life where the we are indirectly connected to the internet of things at the tip of our fingers and at the curve of our lens. Personally, I only use Youtube and Twitter, and I quit other social media platforms two years ago, it is the right choice but for the wrong scope.

My life before I quit multiple social media was indubitably less happier compared to now because comparison is the thief of joy. Time was also wasted on these platforms, my attention was split into fragments of millions, the effect was devastating after I realised it, the hard way. I would normally spend the whole day boarding an airplane departing from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Youtube and back to Facebook again, it was akin circling an empty void.

However, life did change a little for me after I stopped all these, most of it. I did cling onto Twitter and Youtube because I liked the apps more than the other two. I was thinking that cutting them into half would certain half my time on them. No, it was spurious, instead I spent more time on Youtube in particular.

I stumbled upon Youtube in my secondary school years when I would utilise Youtube to its full capabilities where I learn the entire A-level syllabus of Maths and took a crash course to improve my Chinese language in order to score well in my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). It was more than productive, I was learning a lot, a lot even apart from what was mentioned.

Nevertheless, roses have its thorns too, I became more and more hooked up to the entertainment aspect of Youtube instead of learning, I even emerged myself into looking obscure content on Youtube. I watched and subscribed to Pewdiepie, Smosh, Honest Trailers, Top 5s, Gu A Mo, Casey Neistat, Vanossgaming, SSSniperwolf, Vsauce, Numberphile, Veritasium, In A Nutshell, MatPat, Buzzfeed, MinutePhysics, Clash With Cam, Galadon, Chief Pat, different cut scenes of anime, and various play-throughs from different Youtubers.

As I wrote those down, I got to know how much time I had wasted (not all) on all these creators of Youtube. I could be doing something better with my time like writing or reading. And, the worse thing was, I could be watching the same anime cut scene for a hundred of times and not get bored of it, even until now, this problem persists.

Now, I am just actively watching a few creators like Pewdiepie, Casey Neistat, Numberphile, Veritasium, MinutePhysics, In A Nutshell and some meme videos. The list has shortened but my watch-time is still more than anything that I expected. I could not get a hold of myself when watching Youtube, it is very, very tempting to press the ‘Play Next’ button or to click on other videos, and I fell for the spiral of no return that easily, eating away more than 6 hours of my day on average, 12 hours on weekends.

This is ridiculous! I just could not comprehend why I am so addicted to Youtube.

Although when I am doing some work, Youtube is a good source for J-pop, classical, English songs, EDM and etc. I listen to any genre of songs that suits my ear and boosts my productivity level. Youtube is also great source to search for inspirational figures and knowledge.

But, as I observed the children that are abusing Youtube in a way that the parents are not in control over what their children watch. The content that the children watch are cringy as hell and the videos have no quality at all whatsoever, not even in an educational sense. Even those conspiracy or theory channels are just a clusterfuck of the minds of an overthinking individual, reading between the lines, nitpicking and drawing counterfeit links over a particular issue.

I need to put an end to this, it is drastically affecting my attention span and my time to accomplish other things in my life.

Hopefully, I can end this like Facebook and Instagram.

P.S. Not all the creators are mentioned as such, there are certainly good Youtubers left out there. Just be conscious of whatever you consume.

Which Youtube channels that you watch? How much time do you spend on Youtube everyday? Leave your comments down below! 

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