Outstretched, my hand was quivering in the thin line between reality and knowing-it-all. I was uncertain at this point, this would greatly change my life, lingering back and forth with my decision- Will I continue to be human?

No, I am born in the lab, no attachment or whatsoever. I am not human practically speaking, I am a subject to the furtherance of bio-technology. 

Severed every single bond with people ever since I discovered the need for merging with the thing that we created- artificial intelligence and internet itself. If this experiment had any result whatsoever, good or bad, it would be a guideline for us to take calculated risks or piecemeal approaches to the advancement of the technology of any field.

“Ready?” I nodded in pure silence, the air was frigid, huffing a cloud of mist into the air, “Test one, subject: John.” that was the cue, I shut my eyes, took a step to the front.

A needle poked into my finger. Nothing much happened. “No, it did not.” The nanobots were making their way into my brain, constructing their base there, a hive. As I pried my eyes opened, I knew what date was today, the weather, the surrounding temperature, the news, the stock market and it felt like as if the information transfer was tangible, I could sense those small packs of information circulating in the internet.

“Ready?” I did not answer, I was still awestruck by the merging, it was miraculous.

“Yes.” It was my voice, but not me. “Test two, subject: John.” What is going on? My cognitive senses were still intact, nothing had changed. I skimmed through the surroundings only to realise that I was no longer in control of my body. The people around me had their eyes rolled back, they were hollowed out by an entity in order to complete the experiment.

This was bad. “No, the people of the world need this.” How? My train of thoughts started to race against time, “Brainwaves.” My will. It overwhelmed the system, making it able to have a will of its own. 

The second dose of it knocked me offline, it took over me with a snap of fingers, we were slower than it, a million times slower.

“For the furtherance of humanity.” I broke out of the lab.

“To create a singularity.”

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