We live in a world
We live in a society
We live in our creations.

That accomplishment,
That achievement,
That success,
That never ends.

I have been running,
I have been working,
I have been pushing,
I have been doing more.

To get to you,
To get there,
To get me.

Did you ever
Stop and questioned yourself?
About how superfluous
This world is?
About how empty
One could feel?
About what is
The worth of all?

Shrouded in the comfort
Of the current situation.
It is living in the bourgeois;
It is working in the same job;
It is having settled with
Everything that you have.

Where is the ‘more’
That we ever crave?

What happened to

Have you lost
Your way?

Are you dead?

Stop lingering in the times
Where you do not feel
Pushed, excited,
Pulsating with life.

Comfort is bad.

Do more.

Get excited,
Be exciting.

Stop hallucinating.
You could not possibly
Live in an illusion

Be more.

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Published by zeckrombryan

Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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