My head was awakened with knocks of the damned nightmarish droning of the hollowed hideout of the enemy. Skimming the sides of the surrounding in a blurred manner, a brief memory told me that we were captured by the enemy, waiting for the torture to fork out whatever information that we held.

The place was dingy, dim and dreadful. We were held against our will, Jane was mired into the same situation as I was because she knew too much and she was my love, By whom? Who held us hostage in the first place? As I was finishing my thoughts, the fluorescent lights came into life, illuminating the surroundings with an uncanny warmth, exposing Jane that was chained in an awkward fashion beside me as with she was bound to a crucifix, her neck was twisted, gone awry.

I heaved anxiously as I was clueless about what was about to happen, I was too chained up similarly to Jane. “You were sent to probe on me.” a distorted sound popped out of nowhere, a figure sprouted into life in the form of a hologram. “I knew it from the start. I can alter memories and I want to have some… fun.” the sinister overtone embedded in the distorted voice invoked anger within me.

“Let us out!” I shouted, a futile attempt, struggling against a total abjection.

The figure stood sternly, austerely. “Are you sure of letting her out?” Why? What? A shrill resonated in the air, not in fear but accentuated with wrath, a pang of murder charted the atmosphere. It was Jane, her bloodshot eyes stared right into my very soul as if I had killed her whole family.

“Why the fuck are you still here?” Jane spatted out, “I bought us time for you to save yourself and yet…”

“What do you mean?” my mind was flung into a deep confusion. The smile of excitement was caught by the corner of my eye, he was having quite the fun over there. “What have you done to her?” the figure shrouded in a sarcastic manner with a dead silence.

Recalling the past that seemed distant to me, I could not recall a single instance that happened before we were captured. I only had memories of us living happily together as under-covers. This does not make sense. My intuition kicked in, but I was reluctant to comply to it, I went on struggling.

“It’s no use.” the distorted voice of his was annoying. “I just wanna have some fun.”

Jane’s expression shifted drastically, almost saddening instantly, “we… have… no…” she stuttered in grave fear, “sur… render… jus…” A muffling diabolical laugh echoed into my ears, the figure was delighted to see us in mental pain and confusion.

“Are you sure that your memories are real?” A jolt was sent down my spine, I was in an utter shock. That possibility did not cross my mind, at all. Both of us were stunned in our bondage. He laughed even louder this time.

“I think I have had enough for today.”

“Night.” Darkness overwhelmed us, conjuring dreams that were counterfeit which we could never realise, living in loops of fake memories and being puppets of his joy.

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