Meditating, cross-legged in the waterfall. The water pummeled against my whole being, pressurising my aura, fortifying it into a tougher state. My katana laid silently on my lap. Time was relative. I kept my posture as long as I could without focusing on anything except the essence of nothingness.

As cleansing was in process, my intuition sensed a diabolical presence lingering around the vicinity. My guard went up, the enemy left no ground for me to prepare myself, launching an attack straight into my face. I dodged it deftly and leaped out of the waterfall into the shallow waters of the river.

The figure was no where to be seen, its presence vanished instantaneously. I heaved breaths of uncertainty, anxiety started to kick in, fear was tingling my spine. It felt stronger than me, making it a formidable enemy. My defensive stance was retained, I skimmed the surroundings for a couple of minutes in order to sniff out the enemy.

A breeze swept past my cheeks, the waterfall flowed slightly to the sides. A blur coruscated across me. TING! I unsheathed my katana, blocked the deadly attack from the enemy. Electricity surged through my arms, I was paralyzed at the top-half of my body. It sensed that I was defenseless, plunging into me as if I was a helpless prey.

I instinctively fell for it, crouching in an awkward fashion in order to limit my own movements, avoiding its primary attack. The attack was a counterfeit to overshadow the next one. It flung its weapon into the ground in front of it, sending a mild shock wave to repel itself into my direction. A solid punch sent me across the river, losing grip of my katana.

The figure ran into my direction with murder spelled in the air. I could not regain my ground in time, so I endured a barrage of punched from it. Calm down. The punches were ferocious, swift and merciless, almost knocking me unconscious. My instinct push me to go for its lower part, and it worked. I managed to pin him down, getting a clear picture of whom I was facing- a featureless man.

“Good.” it said without its facial features, smirking. I launched a counter attack to him but he acutely rebutted with his. We sparred for more than the night could last, exchanging punches, giving it everything we got, not succumbing to any circumstances.

Morning started to peeked into our wrestle, both of us stood half-consciously, intending to fight more. I slammed a kick into its groin but hitting the thin air instead, the featureless figure dissipated into nothingness when the sun was hanging high on top of my head.

I laid down defeated but tasting the victory. If this persisted, I might not stand a chance. Walking to my katana, picked it up with a better grip on it, a brand new fighting spirit.

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