Sick and tired.
Worn out and beaten down.
I am wearied,
I am defeated.

Still could not understand,
Why this phase of life
Is such a treachery
Such a dreadful piece of shit.

My neck hurts
My head pounds
My body is lethargic
My mind is fucked.

The thoughts inside me
Are just tangled up
In a perfect mess
Flinging me into a shitstorm.

Fuck me
Fuck my life
Fuck everything
Fuck it.

When have I become so toxic?
What have I done to myself?
Why am I like this?
Does this really help?

I did not have any problems
Previously, in harsher conditions
But, this,
Is a different ball game all along.

I am not coping with it
I am dodging every shit
I am just too comfortable with it
I am a freaking loser.

Reflecting upon me
I could not stand myself
The way that I live
The way that I bring myself.

It is a fucking disgrace.
I should give less fucks
And focus on what is important.
What is important?

The answer in me
Is verbatim
Not real.

I need to make sure
That I believe in me


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