The lecture hall was quiet as usual, there were the same people answering the lecturer, paying any attention at all in the lecture hall and those who just could not care more. Time passed as the students presented in front, the lecturer was mildly impressed by the students’ performances.

“… and thus concluding my presentation. Thank you.” Yeung-Min’s presentation was exceptional all the time, and yet the lecturer had a queer eye for her, since the first day she entered. Not only did she got the lecturer’s eye, several female undergraduates were under his perverse radar.

Slow claps were heard from the hall. The lecturer got out of his seat, approached Yeung-Min to give her a gentle pat, gradually gliding his lewd hand to her bottom, giving an affirming clap unto her ass in front of the whole class. This was not the first time that several people had to endure this, or else he would just fail the particular people who spoken up.

No one dared to respond to his disgraceful harassment, most of the people looked away, Yeung-Min was heated with shame and gnawing her teeth through this.

“Sir!” A hand raised from the midst of stillness, “I saw you sexually harassed her…”

“Which part of your eyes saw me did it?” the lecturer interjected almost immediately, the atmosphere intensified, “Who saw…”

“Sir! I saw you…”

“Quiet! Ji-Hyon!”

“So are you saying that I can’t say what I just saw?” a brief pause, “You prick, how many times do we have to endure whatever your twisted desires are? Sir, you are….”

“Shut up, Ji-Hyon!” his voice was coarse, almost roaring into her face. “Let me ask the other students.” the lecturer turned to the yes-men of the class, “Did you see anything?” No-s were the answer to his question, what he wanted to hear.

The yes-men continued, for whatever reasons- marks, grades, “Sir, your lectures are amazing, you will never do such kind of things!” Compliments shot over the roof, “Sir, you are a great man!” the lecturer flaunted his dominance over her, the room remained quiet as ever, nobody wanted to get involve in anything that would bring them ‘trouble’.

Yeung-Min stood there, singular, in fear, not daring to speak a word or to even look up. She stared dead into the ground, hoping that this would end. The lecturer’s hand once again reached for her ass, groping it for a full three seconds.

BANG! “Enough is enough! Speak for yourselves, people! I can no longer stand another second seeing this fucking prick in front of me!” silence was prominent. Are we that selfish and ignorant? What are we becoming of?

A shaky hand was raised into the air, “I see you too.” she was another victim of his perverse mind.

Another hand shot up in the air, “I can’t stand this anymore.”

“I have solid evidence of your acts throughout the semester.” the class hushed as Seung-O played the recordings in the class. The lecturer did not know what to do and was arrested by the police after then.

How can this story end like this? No. It would not end like this. And the sexual harasser will get away with his case with a light punishment or just a detention from work, nothing big would be dealt to him. We live in a society where men’s desire trumped the equal human rights that everyone deserves.

What a life!

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