This is it. (October Goals)

Three more months to a new year. Yes, a new year! Time flies. I still remember this was the month that I started this kind of monthly posting from last year. Yeah, it has already been a year that I have been doing this goal-oriented posts, I feel that it is rather unnecessary but crucial at the same time because this can act as a small jolt for the days throughout the month.

However, I feel like I should be more realistic with my goals and I have to put in more effort in order to fulfill them. For the past few months, I have been defeated by a school, my life was in an absolute mess, shambles. Now, I want to make a change to this disgraceful waste of time that I had done. Zero in my heart into the remnants of the aftermath.


Early to bed. Early to rise. What a fool I am, it is nearly impossible without a piecemeal transition plan.

Read. I only read one. Failed.

Complete my unfinished work. Drought. I still left one post for Japan’s trip and I only started a little of my comeback story.

Run. I did slack a bit because I fell sick, again.

Study. On track. But need to add more oil.

Monetising my blog. Not yet.

Phone cleanse. I started small, it was like during going out for dinners was when I did not bring my phone out, an hour or two cleanse per week.

October Goals:


43 days left to my exams and there is no take two in this time around. I must be conscience about my stand and work my way, as hard as God let me.

Early to bed. Early to rise.

I will start at 11.30 p.m. and gradually become earlier, fortnight by fortnight.

Finish A Photoshop Work.

A responsibility and a must, will make a post about the experience dealing with this.


Probably two books.

Finish Up My Unfinished Work.

Will start scheduling my Japan post by this week and will start working on my comeback post. It has been a year or more since I have posted something original and long. I really hope to see that day come in this month. Hopefully


The usual. Three times per week.

Monetising My Blog.

Once I hit 2000 followers, I will monetise it right away.

Phone Cleanse.

Probably hitting more hours without my phone per week.




Hopefully I can make the most out of the last three months of the year. My yearly plan for this year is already busted, so I want to make sure that I do not waste even more time at hand.

Wish me luck. Bless me.

What are your goals for this month? What is your inspiration behind all these? Leave them down in the comments section below. Like and share this post. 

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