Pain is the sign that
I am still alive.
Pain is the significance
Of my every breath.

Humans live for
Pain and hope.


When we fall down,
We climb back up,
Feeling the lingering pain
Learning from pain.

If we keep on falling,
We keep climbing back up.
But if we just kept falling,
We will feel no pain.

There is no progress
When there is no pain.
There is no loss
When there is no pain.

We feel pain
Because we are humans.
We know pain,
Do we?

How long can you endure?
Can you cope?
How do you overcome?
Why are you still trying?

Pain can numb
Our motives of life.
Pain can be
A pain in the ass.

There is no way for us to learn
Unless we know pain.
Learn, feel and live with pain.
Life is nothing but a cycle of pain.

Nobody exists on purpose
Nobody belongs anywhere
Everybody is going to die.
Come and live with hope.

Hope can be painful too
Too many.
Have hope, live on.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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