Glistening in the resplendent spotlight, bathed in the richness of the lighting, I gracefully leapt into a battle stance for one last time. As I raised my leg to touch the tip of my fingers hanging majestically in the air, the sheer pain shot up my spine, I gritted my teeth, letting me to endure this pain in order to fulfill my commitment to this art.

I maintained my posture singularly on the stage which was where I belonged. The time had come for me, I knew I had to step down, one way or another. I wanted to retire from this industry with a complete full-stop, this might be my last performance, but my legacy would live on to inspire, to tell, to depict the beauty of this form of art.

The pain was excruciating as I was making the series of moves, swiftly and painfully. It was only the first movement, and I was already glowing with pain. I should have just accepted my previous performance as my last, but I did not. I wanted to prove to me that I could deliver my final performance under my call.

Stretching my legs to reach my next movements were a treachery for my body, my doctors did advise me to not dance anymore, or else I might be paralysed for the rest of my life. The spotlight moved along with my graceful acumen movements, my mind was clear about what I was about to draw into the eyes of the audience’s mind, but my body was reluctant to execute them.

The pianist slowed down, changed chords in preparation for the last movement which was intense and quick. I had to drag myself to pull through the next few minutes. Biting my teeth, I let my body took over, the pain simply vanished as I stopped myself from thinking about it as this was my most favourite part of the performance, I got to be a swan, a black one.

As my legs made their way across the stage, my hands weaved the patterns of a phoenix; my body, a scarred lion. I fell down to my knees for the closing move, spreading my legs wide, closing it once more, sprung into the air, spun for several times, landing only on the tip of one toe, vigorously completing my journey with a living roar throughout the annals of ballet.

Finishing off with the stance of victory, I had reached my end, hereby signing out with a silencing performance. Took the final bow, walked down the stage, proudly.

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