Do you know?
You are someone special.

Have you ever wonder
Why you had stopped believing?

“I don’t know…
I just don’t know anymore.”

The sound of dejection.
The wind of rejection.

You simply forgotten
About how special you are.

Most people would not see it,
But some do.

Some could see that you are special,
Including you, if you are willing to.

“I… I don’t think…
I can do this.”

It has never been a smooth journey
But an undulating one, life.

Some times,
You are just too tired to believe.

Some times,
You are just too fed up to give a damn.

Some times,
You just succumb to the hurdles of life.

“all the time,
I do feel like…”

Existence is
More than just, you.

Living is more of a pain in the ass.
But, living your life is alive.

You can never control the surroundings
But, you can have control over yourself.

Never forget.
No matter how odious you are;
No matter how much you hate yourself;
No matter how much people resent you.

You are still you.
The only you.
That is special
To a special someone.

You and me.

Do not forget,
You are special.


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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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