My design sense in the company that I work in is one of the worst ones, so normally I will focus on copy-writing more than designing because we have more capable people to do so. However, school forcefully provided me with the chance to learn and use photoshop to make a 144-page magazine.

I was given a framework to do with, no innovation or whatsoever was permitted, even the simplest rule of ‘less is more’ in designing was forbidden by the teacher in charge, I just followed orders. Since I am more or less working alone in planning and those kind of shits, I got help from my friends, and it really sped up the process of production.

It is tedious doing photoshop at times, the techniques are relatively easy and it could be repetitive for most of the times. One more thing is, my OCD will kick in once I am in photoshop, I want to make sure everything is in place.

No matter how tired or burned out I am, I need to complete this because I am responsible for this job. Although I am not paid, I will do my best. Personally, I do not favour much of photoshop, but since I am given a chance to learn an extra skill, it might come in handy in the days to come.

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