Catharsis… #3


a week before

you were adamant

for a change

you were hungry

you were desperate

where did all of those go?

you were cleansed

by your tears

you were changed

by you heart

what have you become?


i don…

i don’t know anymore

i doubted

stupid me

i thought,

it was just a thought

they were all fake

all FAKE!

i am lying to myself


i am just a big fat liar

nothing that i have said

i have kept unto

i just break everything that i have said

every single word

nothing is true

my mouth breeds lies

that i truthfully accept



i am blind

i cannot see

i cannot feel

i am lost

i do not know where i am

i do not know why

i am senseless


“one day, you will not regret.”

i am not giving up

i am simply losing me

oblivious of what i am, still.

aimless as ever

as if i was snatched by the devil

being thrown into a pit

of abysmal confusion

i am just so lost





i do not know where

i do not know purpose

i do not even know me



help me.

this is the last bit of sanity

my last bit of conscience

seeking You

reaching You

i do not know how long

how much longer

this bit of me

can last.


long enough

to restore, me.


help me.



losing myself…


i do not know

i am…


returning back to square one.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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