catharsis #5 ?

my brain, it hurts
i really…
i think i am going back
to square one.

nothing had changed
i am still, me
back to square one.

my conscience, is once again
buried deep
in the depths of nothingness
i could not tell anymore
whether i am still, alive.

silence, darkness, nothingness
what is happening to me?
i am so curious as to why
am i going back
to square one again.

i wanted to call me out
but nothing came out
nothingness, muted

wondering, pondering
wandering, rendering

the numbing pain
i am starting to lose my memories again

no feelings
no touch
no sight
no nothing.

waves of nothingness, starting to overwhelm
not finding myself
not wanting to

i… *blank*
*blank* me.







breathing. i am still breathing
keep on breathing
what is the reason
behind all these?

the night

my mind

gasping for air
am i?
am i still?


“waking up at 4 am”

“winning the first battle of the day
wins you the morale for the day
winning more battles for the day.”

“purpose powers life.”

without purpose




am i still alive?






what is my purpose













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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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