catharsis 008



my mind

my body



this is a loop

i knew it

in my bones

and yet

i still ignore it

those signs



my soul

something is wrong with me

something went wrong somewhere


so me.

i need to stop

searching for why

but to look for the panacea

hidden in plain sight

right at an arm’s reach

neither of me


have the will to

grasp it

i wander


wander and wonder

what is my purpose?

have i lost my way?

i think so…

not so hard to guess

even after losing myself

a couple million times

those scenes of darkness

replayed in my mind

as an empty tape

nothing was going on

but, a lot were

nothing was seen

but, a lot were

the feelings lingered

a phantom one














am i still…
am i still… alive?
what is my purpose
what is my purpose again?
i seemed to have lost everything
and i am sure this is going to happen again
what should i do?

Lord, i pray to you,
just as i am
i am not me anymore,
i can’t do this anymore
give me strength
and Your almighty presence
ward off the evil that is hindering me
grant me Your grace
Your mercy
and Your love
i love you, Lord, 

i am so lost, Lord,
i do not know how long
will i still be alive
i might be dead the next second
bearing another identity of me
forgetting me,
my purpose
my life
that You have designated for me

lead me
for i am lost
feed me
for i am hungry
wake me
for i am asleep.

God, help me.


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