Lost In Japan (Day 4)

Morning. Run. It was approximately 6 in the morning, the weather was optimal for running, but the same situation arose- no one was running. Nonetheless, let me bring you through my run with several pictures.

I only had an hour.

I was tempted to buy myself another can of BOSS coffee. I think I almost had 10 cans or more of those, it was the best canned coffee that I could get in the world.

I accidentally ran into a cemetery grounds where it was creepy. Fleeing the vicinity as quick as possible.

Running past buildings next to the Osaka zoo, I realised that there were places for people to sit around, to rest for a couple of hours. Of course, need to pay. However, it was a weird and great idea.

One thing about their architecture is that the structures there are well aligned, organised and compact. Japan’s architecture is a mixture of Thailand and Malaysia, probably some Singapore. It is not that packed but a breathable design.

Not to mention, their Lawson convenience store is everywhere.

It was an invigorating run. I thought I was running in an anime world. Just for all the anime ‘haters’ or ‘discriminators’, anime is real, the artists really did take reference from the real world- Japan.

I got back to the hotel as soon as time was up. Wondering how I did not get lost? I used the free phone with GPS service by the hotel.

The run was short and sweet. We departed to taste the world’s best beef. Before that, we went to get a new pairs of glasses for me.

A little commotion happened, my mom almost got into a fight with the saleswoman (which was from China) there because my mom was asking too much annoying and repetitive questions which eventually led to the saleswoman rebut with sarcasm. The situation was then handled by me and the store manager, I still did not know why my mom liked to act like that, super annoying.

Alas, the manager apologised to my mom and me.

With a stomach of gas, we walked to take a train to the Wagyu spot. It was an hour long, enough to put out any form of anger in a person.

This was the spot where a lot of restaurants selling the same kind of Wagyu but of different quality. Beware of not getting into the wrong one because getting in the wrong restaurant meant the meat was not worth the price.

Our Wagyu was cooked by a handsome youngster with the shifu supervising beside him.

The Wagyu beef was super delicious, the meat literally melted in my mouth releasing its ‘holy juice’ like butter spreading my mouth, the texture of the meat was tangy yet soft. It was a bliss tasting the best meat in the world.

Same tip, if you want to have the popular, recommended food in Japan, go during off-peak hours, avoid dinner, in order to get the same thing for half the price.

Heavenly! We proceeded with walking and look see look see at the little Britain in Japan. The area was previously colonised by one of the European countries, and the architecture there was absolutely stunning, a fusion of both cultures.

Making our way there needed around half an hour…

And here we are…!

The place was filled with splendid structures from the past, it was a heaven for photographers, and I was looking forward to changing my profile picture also. Unfortunately, this visit was fruitless also.

Here are some of the attempts:

I stumbled upon a very aesthetic spot which was a normal crossroad with ample sunlight and well-placed buildings. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

We got really tired, my dad’s foot could not take any walking more. So, we were set to go back to our hotel.

I started thinking that I am no good in pictures because of my face- ugly. haha. But, I finally got a rather fine candidate for my profile picture but it was not.

My parents stopped to get something, probably it was liquor or something around those lines. We got nothing to do as to wait for them to finish their business.

We made another detour before heading back to our hotel, which was… I could not remember, but it was a supermarket. We went there for the reason that I could not recall, but the good thing was we got to rest our legs.

My legs were screaming for help as today was probably the most that I had used them.

There was this lady singing at the bridge as we were heading to the station, her voice was fabulous and clean. Many of us, creators, just could not find a place to be recognised. And here, I just wanted to shout out to her because I liked her voice.

We made it for the next train and as usual, my mom liked to screw things up. Confusion struck us as we boarded the train, and I had to resolve the issue, again, in order to prevent us from going the wrong way.

An interchange was made. My mom took the lead again, which was a mistake. We got lost once again, my mom was shouting at us, and so we just settled for a restaurant which was filled with locals eating.

The whole menu was in Japanese, so we just simply chose some foods to eat and due to the lack of English speakers there, we had a tough time communicating with them. But, there was a waitress that could understood us better than the rest of the crew, so we just went with her.

And after this experience of eating sushi, my mouth is solely reserved for Japanese sushi only. By comparison with the sushi that I had eaten in my life, this is heaven, and the rest are just earth.

The price was not high, around RM 400 for a 5-pax meal.

The food was too good that I only had time for one picture, that was all.

We headed back to the hotel, like finally. Got my specs, the manager once again apologised to me, seriously it was not your fault, it was my mom’s. I accepted his apology and went on. (shout-out to Zoff for this impeccable and affordable high quality glasses, not yet broken into pieces until now with my rough treatments).

Rested. And went to buy souvenirs in the local hypermarkets. Slept after that.

It is a wrap!

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