catharsis 10

head to head

we face


you are actually

not as scary

as i thought,

the only thing

that is intimidating

is when i hide from you,

as i came to you,

you are nothing

compared to me;

you are a mere hindrance

to the greatness

that resides within me;

you are just



a vessel seeking to be filled.

i have awakened from your trance

i am able to gain control over me


i stood, singularly

in the midst of darkness

the shackles that once bounded me

were gone,

the rambling of the cold hard metal


the solitary darkness that engulfs me

no longer exists.


i am not whole.

i am still fragmented

probably due to

the year or so torture

by me

i need to re-gather me.

as far as i can see,

there are no visible parts of me

my vision is still blank

pitch black

depression is no longer

my fear

my downfall

my enemy

i have neutralised it

the incognito target

that misplaced my life

into shambles

stop blaming

i look forward

seeing nothing

i need to search

for me

the long lost me

in the arena of reality

with my lost senses


God, help me once more
to be whole again.









or… else…

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