Lost In Japan (Day 5)

Three spots. Two food places. One day.

We got on a one-day-tour (with LIMON) to compensate the lack of visiting multiple attractions in Japan for the first few days.

The first spot was the bamboo forest. We were led by a Chinese tour guide who was fluent in Japanese, Chinese as well as English. She was exuberant and filled with energy.

The tour guide was the one at the bottom-right of the picture. We first visited the shrine and she told us that we had an hour or so to stroll around the bamboo forest and to visit the UNESCO world heritage site within the bamboo forest.

This was the part where people make wishes and pray to the shrine there.

The bamboo forest was absolutely stunning, there were too many bamboos, and the air there was fresh too. The place was thronged mostly by tourists, there were not many locals there. Some of the people there wore kimonos, it gave more ‘feel’ to the surroundings, a more Japanese sight to be seen.

Without missing any opportunity, I took a few shots, (like hundred plus shots) for my new profile picture.

Enough of me, we entered the world heritage site, and I will let the pictures do the talking.

We did not have time to enter the building within the heritage site, the building was depicted in an anime movie named ‘Summer Wars’, the building is a home to a family, but was built in a Japan palace vogue.

We had to make our way back to the bus-stop.

Next up, was the golden reflecting palace. Nothing that special there, it had only one thing, which was the golden reflecting palace. The place, tourist spot, thronged with tourists as usual.

Here are some cute owl plushies before we go to the next spot.

The place did not have much to look see. And here we go into the next spot- deer place.

The deers did not like me at all, perhaps face problem, I could understand you.

Again, I will let just the pictures do the talking.

“What’ya lookin’ at, bitch.” haha. The deer felt uneasy beside me.

One kind reminder before visiting the deer place, do not pay to feed the deers because the deers would flock to you and probably would inflict harm to you. We did not feed them as well as we did not visit the temple which was there. In turn, we went to eat instead of visiting those tourist attractions.

A small token from the trip. And now…

Food hunt for the last day. LIMON tour is exceptionally professional, I liked it and it had a small shortcoming which was time-limit. If you did not come back before the time given, LIMON would just leave you there at the tourist attraction.

We took the next train to Namba, a food heaven.

Before eating, we went to buy some food souvenirs, we were greeted by a serene uncle whom was about to close his store. He treated us politely, very nicely and filled with integrity. He kept giving us samples to try, and also cited how nice Malaysians are also. We ended up buying two bags full of Japanese food.

We headed to the first sushi spot of the day. I do not want to say names because the two sushi spots are seated with locals only. I have no intention to spoil their spots. Not much pictures were taken in this two spots because I was too busy eating and enjoying the sushi until I forgot to take pictures.

The sushi there is fresh as if the fish were freshly caught an hour ago, the fish to rice proportion is generous, more fish than the rice. The balance between the taste is captured acumenly by the sushi chefs. My most favourite food in the sushi places is the miso soup, it is not those MSG-filled soups that you have in your typical sushi restaurants, they are pure essence of fish that were boiled for hours until a reddish contour filled with generous portions of fish.

We proceeded to another sushi spot. Initially, the next sushi spot did not want to serve us because we were not locals. Wow… That was interesting. Nonetheless, we were let in, and we were one of the few non-locals that were let into the restaurant. We sat at the sushi bar and the sushi chefs served us as if we were their family members.

The wasabi there was not choking but accentuating the actual taste of the fish, enhancing the freshness of the fish. I was not wanting anymore else just to enjoy the sushi. It was magnificent, fresh, delectable, alive, warm. The eggs there are perfect, it was like the ruler for measuring how good the sushi place is, eggy, not too soft, firm.

Hereby ending the day with the sushi chef that initially did not want us into his restaurant, creating magic with his hands in our mouths.

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3 thoughts on “Lost In Japan (Day 5)

  1. Awesome photos. I like seeing the Bamboo and would love to be walking there. The deers were obviously not frightened of being around people. I understand why you said not to buy food and feed them. I remember when I was visited KL and went to a place that had a lot of brown and black monkeys…..I didn’t buy food but those that did were being pickpocketed by the monkeys..very cheeky. I do like Sushi but here in Brisbane it seems to be about 80% rice. Enjoy your travels, what a wonderful experience.

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