re: sense one #11

Searing, my head was throbbing in pain as I got out from the trance. Sitting, staring blankly into the emptiness that lied within me, as far as I could see. I sat singularly in the middle of nothingness, rolling with everything that I got, I was still unable to control my body as if I had lost all my senses.

My heart was pounding, I’m still alive. I cupped my hands against my sweaty forehead. Nothing much changed, just a couple of times passed me by, much. My body was lethargic, What…

An ominous presence sauntered in the vicinity, my train of thoughts came to a halt. Something was wrong, right into my bones, I felt it. The malignancy was approaching, holding nothing back, including its breath for murder. Falling short, I recalled the distant past, reckoning that I was lacking of all my senses, I was in the mission to search for them.

Straightening my body, I attempted to stand up for the very first time after a year long, my legs clattered against the cold hard chains, rattling rebelliously, against my freedom. Mustering the remnants of my wearied energy, I dragged myself away from the source of malignancy. I would crawl using my teeth if I needed to flee myself.

It was coming closer, I could sense it, somehow.

“I can’t die here, again.” heaved against my rib cage, steadfast, “all of this is not for nothing, I am not losing my purpose again…”

As I thought to myself, I was starting to lose myself again. Darkness bolted out of the blue, consuming everything in sight, I…

hello darkness, my old friend.


once again

swimming deep, losing me

this is not how i intended

for this to go down

but, Murphy’s right

i need to sought out

the broken pieces of me

of myself…




i think


i found my first sense.




the sense of self.

SNAP! my conscience was flung back into life, no longer spiraling in nothingness, “I am not going back, never, again!”

“I have a purpose. I am going to write, I am going to be more.”

“I am…” Don’t lo…se.. . . 

Something was burning.

I am forgetting something…


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