Lost In Japan (Last Day)

Last day in Japan, this is more like a conclusion post for the whole Japan trip. I really enjoyed it, and if Malaysia is somehow decimated or disappeared one day, I will definitely move to Japan.

We went to Rinku outlet to make one last round of shopping, I bought a pair of good running shoes for around RM 100, it really helped me in my running until now.

Japan is a country filled with rich culture, probably richer than Malaysia, and I really love the people and the atmosphere there. The rushing and city feel of Japan is one of a kind, the food there is top-notch, very nice.

Comparing to other countries, the hospitality in Japan is comparable to Malaysia and probably the best in the world.

The whole trip is an eye-opener and really blew my mind with its authentic scenery. Japan is a heaven for photographers and gung-ho eaters.

What I obtained after this trip is not only experience, but also inspiration to be a better. I did compare my working style and theirs, realising our styles are heaven and earth, me being the earth. The comparison is just too great, I need to be better, faster, more committed, more dedicated, more of everything, ten times of what I am now.

Even when they are working, they do not even flip their phone or get distracted by other stuffs around them, they focus fully in their work because it is their responsibility and that is how integrity and dignity is spelled. As they are waiting in line, most of them are looking into a reading material or just remain their waiting in line, very less do any other things.

Japanese is such an inspiration, and Japan is a beautiful country. I have officially put Japan on my second most favourite country among all that I had visited, Malaysia is still my nombor satu (definitely). Japan is in my bucket list. I want to travel more, I want to see more, I want to experience more, I want to be more.

Thus, I have to be more.


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