catharsis interjected #14

the voices in my head

were shut away

by the sheer darkness,

deep silence,

and stillness,

rendering me incapable

of thinking,




Are you still there?

I do not feel like I am here anymore.
My soul is seal tight against the atmosphere
Shattering my insides
Leaving me with nothing
To breath
To inhale
To live on.

This is the first time
That I have opened up
In years

I just feel so worthless
And useless,


There is something inside me
Craving for change
After sitting on my laurels for so long
I want change
I must change.


The need of change
Is the catalyst
To kick-start
my worn out engine;
my broken heart;
my distorted mind.

This do not feel right to me
Being able to have a voice
Within the indelible unfettered me,
Puppeteered by temptation,
Strung by the devil,
Scammed by time itself.

Dear me,
Please do not shut me out
It would be very difficult 
To recover the remnants 
Of my broken soul.

don’t cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste.
I once was a man with dignity and grace.
Now I’m slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace.
So please, please.

the silence is dissipating
the voices in my head
is prominent
once again.

i am alive again.

gradually picking me back up.

piece by piece

i am alive again.

Thank God!
Please grant me the strength
To climb back up
When I fall again.


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