re: catharsis #15


locked up

the security is tighter

this time around

“I ain’t falling for this again.”



the chains came crumbling down

the skies opened up

stillness came rushing in

as if i am resurrected.

don’t be content.

don’t lose guard.

don’t forget.

i stood in the midst of whiteness

at least it was not darkness anymore

i got to feel again

i am not going back

to the cesspool

that i was trapped in

for years.

i fell


i am getting back up


i have no much time


i just woke up

from the nightmare

my body

my mind

my soul

my heart


scarred for life

i am not as daunting

not as courageous

not as creative

not as me before


i am awakened


a new me

a better me

is re-discovered

in the rubble of

the aftermath.

this war

this battle

has not ended


the enemy is pushing hard

so am i

i must push even harder

breaking me

breaking the enemy

breaking my limits

once and for all

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