re: sense three #16

Breathing in

The intensity

of the situation,

The wastes

of my time,

The dread

of my mess.

Taking in,


Breathe in…



Breathe out…






“we need a solid plan.”




Dear God,
I am here, just as I am,
Although I am freed
From the constraints of the mind
Do not let me feel content
And forget
About You
Give me the wisdom
Give me the sense
To be in Your almighty presence
At all times,


I am restored.

but I must not forget;

I am healed

but I must not forget;

I am who You desired


I do not want to turn my back

to the wretched self

even if I do

I want to go through it

with You

beside me

all the time

for bitter or sweet

I want You, to be with me,

giving me, glorifying You.

I am still learning

I can never finish learning

but You have done it

Teach me to glorify You.

sense one: God

sense two: self

sense three:…

“your heart.”

“take care of your heart.”

sense three: heart

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