Apple Screen Time

Ever since the iOS 12, there was an unsettling thought that was implanted inside me. This is my third week using this feature, it really does make me feel uncomfortable that I am ever conscious about how much time I have spent on my phone doing unproductive things (scrolling through Twitter, watching Youtube)

The screen time application gives the users a clear insight and statistics on how much time you have spent on your phone (including the number of pick-up times) with bar charts and blatant numbers. It can be turned off, even my friends said that this amount of usage is normal, urging me to turn it off, but I want to know how much time I spend on my phone.

During the first week of this new update, my average time spent on my phone tipped a whopping around 6 hours- 7 hours during the weekends, and an hour lesser during weekdays.

WHAT? That was my initial reaction to the advent of this application / software. This made me queasy and questioning about what I am doing with my time, and how much time I had wasted previously.

Let me do some simple calculations
(Previously, I used my phone more extensively compared to now because I played games whereas now I deleted all the games on my phone.)

I am going to use a rough estimation of the average time that I spent on my phone, probably 7, no I surmise that it is 8 hours on average.

8 hours per day == 1/3 of my day
(8 x 7 = 56) hours per week == 1/3 of my week
(56 x 4 = 224) hours per month == 1/3 of my month
(224 x 10 = 2240) hours until now == approximately 1/3 of my year

I have spend 2240 hours, give or take, on my phone, just my phone.

Imagine, how much I could have accomplished using all this time. I could have mastered a skill or two; scored better in my exams; earn triple that I am earning now; run a hundred miles or more; written 10 or more stories; read 20 or more books; learned a couple hundred more vocabs; done a year of degree syllabus; but I spent them all on my phone instead.

What a fool I am!

How stupid can I go?

How short-sighted can I be?

The most time I spent on is watching Youtube, taking up around half of my daily usage, averaging out on 4 hours spent per day watching Youtube. Previous, my games took up the other half, scrolling Twitter only took up a marginal 10 percent or so.

Is this how I want to spend my time? Absolutely not. I am the one to be blamed to not disciplining myself from using my phone, I have absolutely no control or whatsoever on me, I am worse than an animal.

Thank you Apple for this update. This is a wake-up call for me. I really appreciate what the update have done for me, prying open my eyes to see for the first time in a year after being deep down in the abysmal phone addiction.

I am recovering from time serious addiction problem. Help is very much appreciated, but I am starting to see some decline in my phone usage. I am starting to reaffirm and corroborate my purpose and goals of life in order to steer me away from using my phone for unproductive stuffs.

Comment down below on how much time you spent on your phone per day. Tell me how do you curb with this form of addiction. Thank you so much!

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