re: addict #17

Recovering from darkness,

Welcomed by flashy lights

i surmised


that the battle has ended

but in fact

everything just restarted

from the starting point.

the blinding lights

are tempting me

to walk into its direction

little did i know

if i walked into it

i would spiral

into another trap

set up by the contemporary.

we live in a society

a rat-race society

globalised by tech-giants;

jacked up by industries;

dazed by international platforms;

hypnotised by non-existence.

i voluntarily



walked into its hands again

those counterfeit lights

of magnificence

of splendor

of satisfactory

the blinding factor.

my hands are glued


to the rectangular box of reality

the small world within

a metallic confinement




the times

that i have

for it.

i want to do it

my body craves for it

my mind is hungry for it

my soul digs deep for it

i want to use my phone so much

it is so fucking addictive

it is so fucking nice to see

pixelated words

pixelated photos

pixelated sounds

pixelated everything

a pixelated reality

it is so fucking pleasing

i fucking love this feeling

i could not put my phone down

and i will not


i fucking love it so much.


(one thing after another)

i am so done with this.

i just got back my conscious from darkness

and now you are taking it away from me

no way.

Dear God,
Please help me overcome this addiction.

“delete the apps that bothers you most.”

“can i learn to co-exist with them.”


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