define catharsis #22

a therapy

a way when there is no way

a real talk

a relationship with God

a place to vent

i did this

all because

i had no one

i chose no one

to help me

out of this hell

that i created for myself.

i need to cross this bridge.

the bridge of facing me,

facing my own problems


this is a lonely world

nobody is going to be

by your side

even when you enter the grave

or you are living life

except God.

i unconsciously,

God planned

that i should be able to endure this

and yes,

He is right,

i am able to pull this through

with His help.

i need to define me

this is the sole purpose

of this catharsis,

to get me out of

the feedback loop from hell,

to break me free from

the indirect control of technology,

to severe my bonds with

the devils within me.

through writing

the panacea to my problems

is found

not a hundred percent

but at least

it helps.

there is no one to blame

except for me.

there is no more time left

for blaming

here and there,

i realised.

i should not be wasting anymore

of my precious time

i have done it for the past

one and a half years

i should not be doing so


this is an absolute disgrace

a steep learning curve

i learned my lesson.

this is a herald

of my awakening.

this will be my first and last time

that i am going through this

i am sick and tired of staleness

i rather be beaten by challenges

rather than sitting my ass in the comfort zone.

depression is a real thing

conformity is detrimental

negativity is contagious, deadly

i have been oppressed

by me

the hallucination

that i created for me.

let bygones be bygones

live in the moment

thank you, God.

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