of life



between the realities

that we live in.

what do i actually want in life?

what is the purpose of this life?

there is no definite answer

it changes from time to time.

as we grow with realism,

our minds will me moulded

to suit the reality around us,

conformity at its finest

inevitable, almost.

what do you mean by living?

is it to breathe

as long as you can?

is it to go

as far as you can reach?

is it to love

as much as you can give?

is it to hope?

is it to dream?

is it to be more?

who knows?

everyone lives for a different reason

everyone lives for no reason

“Nobody exists on purpose.
Nobody belongs anywhere.
Everybody’s gonna die…
Come watch TV” – Morty (Rick & Morty)

what is there to live for?

Come to think about it,

nothing much,

just a bunch of chemical reactions

and another handful of physical contacts

that is pretty much it.

Life is nothing

more than living it.

Life has no meaning to it.

It is you who breathes

Meaning into it.

Life itself can perish,

if you cease to exist.

What do you live for?

What is the thing that wakes you up

Every morning?

Nothing in particular

just some random stuffs

sometimes, just nothing.

most of the times.

Breathe life into life,

make your existence more meaningful.


I want to write

I want to do Maths

I want to read

I want to run

I want to be more

for the betterment

of me

of my life

of the people around me

of the people of the world

of His purpose for me.

God, I pray,
Shed light into my life
For I am lost
And You found me,
Guide me to do Your works
In this wretched society.


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