Fall, Hard. #24



is a norm;

is a reality,

difficult to grasp;

unable to accept.

we fall

more than

we get up;

we fall

more than

we grow up;

we fall

more than

we learn.

every time

falling down

teaches us a lesson

a hidden one

most of the times,

if we could not understand it,

we are bound to make

the same mistakes

falling unto

the same ground,

spiralling back

to square one.

we are ignorant.

we do not realise

what we have done wrong.

we are oblivious.

we do not realise

that it is our wrongdoings.

we are nothing more than


mistakes is what

makes us human.

it is only natural

for us

to fall

all the time

we must learn

to accept our mistakes

and move on,

find the panacea

to get up,



we did not

we are not children anymore

we do not have innocent hearts

able to fall


and again,

until we learn.

we just give in

to whatever that

hinders us,

we meekly succumb

to the mountains

that are unsurmountable.

we are mere


another problem.

we keep blaming ourselves

as a hideaway

from our falls.

we use multiple platforms:





this very blog,

as a getaway

from our falls.

we just…


i just do not want to get up

it is so tiring

getting up

just to get beaten down again.


i just want to give up,

i am putting up a facade

to cover my mistakes

avoiding them

not wanting to resolve them,

just like a sitting duck,

waiting for things to happen,

instead of solving them


i am…


“Stop right there.”

it is futile blaming anyone

it is a waste of time doing so.

why not

just be disciplined,

come out with a solution,

and be the one

who takes action

to control,

to solve,

to defeat,

the problem.


Help, God.

Help me, God.

This is hard.


“Nothing is impossible,

when God is by your side.”

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