sixth sense #26

i am hungry,

the hunger inside me,

is craving for, more.


is lackluster,

i am.

living without hunger

is not human.

being hungry meant

being human.

if i simply forgot

how to be hungry,

just being comfortable,

i could not imagine more

than being stagnant.

this is not what i want,

i do not want to feel content,

although content feels good,

it does not help,

at all.

i do not want to slouch around,

sucking most of everything

from the comfort zone,

it is disgusting,


what i have done for this past year,

is a fucking disgrace,

a bad record,

a dismal.

i have done nothing for the past year,

not being hungry,

not being desperate,

blaming the world,

blaming everyone,

blaming me,

pushing away challenges,

welcoming temptations,

sitting on my laurels,

anything that is not productive,

i have done it all

in this year and a half,

i have achieved

the most unproductive year

of my entire life.

i cannot turn back time

but i am awake,


fully awake,

not falling back into

that deep trance again,

where reality is blurred

by the pixelated world

in our very hands.

this is an on-going war,

if i forget how to be hungry,

i will be annihilated


without any mercy,

life is never waiting

for people,

life moves on

no matter what.


my mind is hungry,

i want more,

i want more control

over myself,

i want more.

i am hungry,

hungry for more.

i am going to put my mind

into the things that i want to,

the choices that i make,

i am going to make sure

that i put in

full effort and not regret.

before i decide,

i must cogitate,

take calculated risk,

and be hungry,

in order to push my limits

breaking my boundaries,

bending my reality.

God, I am awake.
Help me, as in this process
Of staying awake,
And being hungry for
Your love.


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