re:surrected #28


I am unconscious no more,

I am in control.


I am still in the midst

Of darkness

And wastage,

I am more in control,

compared to last time.

It is me who have

the carte blanche

over me,

not my desires,

not my body,

not my dissatisfaction,

it my heart and mind,

my soul and His voice

commanding from above,

dictating what my next move is,

what my direction should be,

where my dedication,

my perseverance,

my commitment,

my time,

should be poured into.

I have had enough to give


I have not yet give back to


I am awake,

I have to stop giving

My time

to others

but to devote

more to


my character building,

my knowledge,

my essentials,

my social network-

a human-to-human network.

I must say

being alive again

is all thanks to

God, my Lord and saviour

the Almighty One,

whom have shed mercy

on my pitiful soul.

I am glad to have God

By my side

All the time,

especially during the times

of this journey

to recovery

of me.

Wasting a year and a half

is a fucking disgrace;

being saved for the rest of my life

is a miracle,

a God-sent.

i have accepted this reality

where challenges are all around me,

i have to face them


in order to defeat them

with my bare fists.

It is so good

to be alive again,

to feel alive again,

I have re-found my purpose

for my life,

my senses,

my everything…

I have lived for almost two decades,

I am sick and tired of playing games,

I want to live life,




In the name of Jesus,

In order to bring




To this wretched world

that we live in.

Something is missing,
Help me to find it,






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