catharsis :re #finale

I am alive,

I can breathe,

I will rise again.

Lesson learned,

Advice heeded,

Eyes opened.

No more depression,

No more self-depreciation,

No more meaninglessness.





The light

penetrated through

the murkiness

of darkness.

My fears

dissipated away

along with the darkness

that was a part of me.

I was saved

By His grace and mercy

His unstoppable love.

My relationship with God,

is an agape one.

Through the privations

and hardship,

broken me once

He helped me

Pick me up

Once again.

Once I was blind,

Now I can see.

Learning to love

Like how He has loved me.

Learning to see

Like how He has looked after me.

I can feel, again.

I can hope, again.

I can dream, again.

Let bygones be bygones.

I am done with the time

that I have wasted.

I must move on, now.

I must not linger,

I must not waste, anymore.

Time is fleeting,

Time is never waiting,

Time is flying.

I got up,

I found out that

I was left behind

Biting the dust.

Better late than never.

everything must be re-done.

everything needs to be re-started.

everything is anew

for me, as I had lost myself.

I will not lose myself, again.

Plus, I have learned

Valuable lessons

The hard way,

The most time-consuming way.

No more faltering,

I must be still.

Thank God.

Have hope.

Hope. Joy.. Feelings cloaked as words.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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