Walking On Thin Ice

It was winter, snowing, crystalline white flaked the vicinity that I lived in. The sun glistened across the ice, refracting its glorious resplendence into my vision. A pang of excitement hit me as I got out of my wooden house, I wanted to go across the icy lake and into the mountains in order to relish upon the aurora beams that would hang right above my head.

The icy lake in front of me was enormous, about a 15-minute stroll in order to get to the other side. I was prancing about the icy lake as I was crossing it, filled with joy. The clouds above me were moody but I wanted to see the aurora beams from the closest distance possible.

As I was walking, half way through the entire lake. Crackk… An unwelcoming noise reverberated inside me. I stopped, Crackk… another one. It was terrifying, I was petrified as I stood singularly in the middle of the icy lake. My mind was racing for ways to get out, but nothing really came out of my thoughts.

Quivering in the frigid air, I trembled to my knees. CRACK! That was sharp. Fear gripped me hard, my muscles were frozen to the bone with fear. I tried to move my legs, but they did not even twitch. CRAACK! There were prominent streaks all over the lake, reflected dimly into my very eyes, shaking my will to live.

Beads of cold sweat were solidifying across my forehead, the skies were not cheery as well, I tried to pick myself up once more, but to no avail. CAK! This time was for real, the ice behind me was shattering, revealing the sub-zero lake beneath me.


My train of fear was broken apart, adrenaline cruised through my veins, surging me with every ounce of energy that I could get. I pushed myself up, falling upon my first few steps. As I looked back, the lake water was about to engulf me. I took steady steps, gradually building up speed, beating the odds, running away from a cold death.

The running was caught up the cracks when I still had a few feet reaching back to my house.



Splash… I fell into the lake, it was freezing, hypothermia kicked in almost immediately. I kicked my way across the one or two feet of icy hell back to the snow-covered ground. Soaked in the biting lake water, draped with a cloak of white snow, I rolled around the floor, hoping that the heat would regain itself, eventually.

My eyes were starry, I could not remain conscious for any longer. The cold was excruciating, freezing me to the marrow, making every molecule in my body stiff and still. I… mu…

Frozen. My brain went dead.


“john…” a faint voice, a gossamer thread of hope, I did not know that I could survive that.

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