Parasitism, Addiction.

Waking up to the chimes of the alarm from your phone, I got up. Without a second thought, I slugged to the other end of the room, took up my phone, shut the alarm. I did not put down my phone, I was attached to it and back to my bed, scrolling through notifications and started off my day with a Youtube video.

The sun, the natural alarm clock kicked me out of my bed, eventually. Washed up, went on with the day, with my phone secured by my side.

Feeding on my boredom, I picked up my phone.

Indulging in my attention, my phone picked my body up.

My mind no longer had control over when or how long I should use my phone. Picking up my phone and binging on it happened naturally, it became part of me, it was a down-up action- an involuntary one.

Whenever I was free, I had forgotten how to stop and look around, letting my body rest in the midst of all the distractions and things going on around me.

Whenever responsibilities found their ways to me, I turned to my phone for solace instead of resolving the problem at hand, I chose ignorance and bliss over productivity.

Distractions split my attention into smithereens; my time was fed to the people who earned a living out of the internet; my communication skills transformed into typing blatantly into the keyboard; my feelings were affected by comparison.

As I realised how deep I went into this infinite abyss, I knew coming out of it would be a strenuous and arduous effort. But, my body craved for it, my phone, so much. I could not live a day without it.

Is that so? Imagine having to live with your phone everyday, just being consumed by it until death eventually takes your place, how scary is it?

Would you like to live life or being trapped in this feedback loop from a pixelated hell?

Breakfree. Live.

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