The ship was carrying about a hundred people with livestock in it, exceeding the maximum limit of the ship’s carriage. Its destination was to get these refugees to a safe spot across the ocean into the promised land, overflowing with silk and honey, into safety.

Everyone was minding their own business, worrying about whether or not they might make it there in one piece, praying hard to reassure their journey. Nothing really happened in the first few hours of the cruise where the day and the sea were calm, smooth sailing.

As the captain followed the stars and the wind, he sensed that something was about to go wrong, but it was the only way to get to the promised land, he could not change directions of the ship. The refugees on the ship and the captain were still oblivious about what was falling upon them, a disaster.

The starry skies were glowing resplendently with the stars scattered asunder. Not long after, sporadic formations of dark, dark clouds occluded the skies, blinding the sliver of hope dashed across the horizon.

“Young lad, do not fear,” A queer old man in tattered clothes patted the captain, instructing him, “Steer straight ahead.” As the captain turned around to look, a lightning followed instantly with a booming thunder clap engulfed the old man’s shadow, stormy waves struck the ship violently, panic and all hell broke loose.

Screams and shrills paved the air along with the roars and the blinding light of Mother Nature at her finest. The waves were intermittent, making the ship hard to control, the captain had a firm sense of integrity, he knew that even abandoning the ship would he lose all his passengers. He held solidly to his integrity that is to make sure he managed to send everyone to safety.

“Get the luggage off the ship!”

“The livestock too!”

Gripping unto the gossamer hope of surviving this privation, people started to cooperate, throwing out their belongings, still mentally stable, able to think and react positively.

As the storm brewed ferociously, gales of wind were wrecking its wrath upon the ship, waves of sea water started to splash into the ship, filling the ship up at a frightening speed. Hopes were waning away, people started to succumb to the abysmal challenges flung by Mother Nature.




Chants of despair and dejection filled the air upon the abject situation that was laid upon them. Even the captain was sobbing as he was steering the ship, keeping up with his best.

The old man slept soundly at the deck of the ship in the mess. Nobody had noticed him until a young man stumbled upon him. The young man asked him, “Aren’t you afraid?” Terrified.

“Why are you so afraid? There is nothing to worry about.” the old man said nonchalantly, a tinge of frustration was hinted in his voice due to the interruption of his nap.

The young man was jittered in fear, “Bu…”

“Stand down, kid.” the old man stood up, “Be still.” He shouted to the skies. Everything reverted back to normal.

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