Do It December.

What a weird year that I had! I learned a lot, I fell a lot, I wasted a lot, time and time. To be honest, this period of my life had been a turning point for me, where the gradient is zero and the second derivative of it is positive- a minimum point.

But, I know everything will return to the way that I wanted- more productivity and more useful. Time will pass and I will learn.

thank u, next. (Click hereif you want to know how bad my decision was in life, wasting more than one and a half years of my life.)

No point looking at this negatively, I just have to learn from it. And I have learned from it, the hard way. This is the time, that I have to make up for my losses from my waste of time.

In the past month:

Study. I did, but I did not do my best. 

Score. Some, probably. I do not hold any high expectations. 

December Goals:


Three to four times per week, might increase to everyday because I am aiming to run a marathon in another ten months or so.

Early to bed. Early to rise.

11 to bed, 6 to rise. I have a friend who is giving me a help, she is doing a wonderful job. No more long nights. I want a change, I want to live a less shitty life.


Four books, since I am free from the system. I need time to get myself back on track in reading.

Revive my Instagram

@hopeinterrupts was one of my abandoned projects that I had during this weird period of life. But, I want to give it some life, once again.

Expand my Word Bank.

Yes, I am short of words, my writings are getting dryer day by day, I need to really start getting myself back on track.


I will be reading more of your other blogs. If you want me to read yours, do drop yours in the comment section below. I will surely read them, give some constructive feedback to you.


Probably a piece of short story.

Practise Calligraphy.

Twice per week, I want to prepare myself for an upcoming competition that is around two months away.


YES! I have been waiting for this for like ever. It has never felt so good being able to work with them, again.

Screen Time, Less than 3 Hours, Per Day.

Apple has this new feature, showing the user how much time they had spend on their device. Personally, I think this is great, acting as a deterrent for me to spend less time on my phone doing nothing and be more productive. (Click here, for my comprehensive review about this feature, I really like it.)

Stop Watching Youtube on My Phone.

Yes, this is one of my stigma in wasting time. I want to stop this bullshit. If I want to watch, I must have some sort of discipline. I can, and I have better things to do rather than to browse through videos that of no meaning but to consume my precious time.

Hopefully this month would be enough to make up for the giant ‘hole’ that I had created for myself in the past one and a half years. The months to come is going to be exciting as well. I really look forward to what I can do without any constraints.

Dear God,
I pray that You will guide me and give me the strength to pull this through,
Make me a better person in Your image.

Comment down below about your goals, your blogs and what you have achieved along this year! I will be sure to read them. Thank you so much!

Have hope.

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