Black Box #one

Prancing around in the land where possibilities were seamless, I could create things out of thin air with my pure imagination and hard work. Sometimes my creation would be unprecedented, out of my imaginations. The freedom, the excitement, the life that I was leading were all that made me feel alive, most importantly I was growing exponentially, without a doubt.

Time struck 18, I had to choose a place to secure my future. I had read about it, a lot. Most of the successful people now have an insurance if their visionaries somehow broken down half-way by fate, they have a back-up plan for their life; even if all things fail, they still have a contingency plan.

I told myself, I am doing this for my future, even if I do not like it. Time was approaching, I needed to choose, as soon as possible. Narrowing down my options, I picked the one thing that the majority of the people opposed me to go- the black box.

Situated at the corner of the world, there was a black box, sitting depressingly in the middle of pure whiteness. Rarely people went there voluntarily, most of them were reluctant and shanghaied into it due to poverty. It was time to put down what I love to do and march straight into the black box.

As I was walking into the black box, my intuition twitched, something’s wrong, abandon mission. My guts were telling me to quit even before I stepped into it. Being me, once I started a choice, I am adamant, stubborn to complete it, no matter what.

The black box stood singularly in front of me, it was smaller than I expected, not bigger than a medium-sized xerox machine. Its blackness was refined black, even light could neither penetrate nor escape that area. I was doubting myself, but my ego was not. Biting the bullet, I came in contact with the black box.

ZIP! I was sucked into the black box, I surmised as I opened my eyes seeing only blackness wreathed around me.

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