The room was dark, I still could not sleep, the night was still young. My body was wearied but my heart had a mind of its own. There was a faint light penetrating thought the luminous shoji, I was laying against an austere bed on tatami. A shadowy figure of a slender woman wearing kimono brisked past the room.

Curiousity jerked me up to catch whatever it was. My intuition was to stop myself, but I succumbed to the insatiable inquisitiveness inside me. I got up, along with my accountrements.

The air outside was breezy and damped although it was spring time during these times in Japan. I smelled an uncanny atmosphere but I chose to ignore it completely, letting my curiousity guide me down this unprecedented route.

I followed the figure to the back of the garden, oblivious about the situation, I still tagged along. Knowing that something bad was about to happen, I was still closely to her back. It was probably her exotic body that attracted me over.

As she turned around, revealing that she was absolutely gorgeous, I was petrified. Blood was gushing through my veins as she was out of my expectations, out of my league. Her eyes were magnifying, her features were flawless, as if she was a fallen angel.

I attempted to approach her, I took the first step. WHOOSH! She transformed into a terrifying eight-headed dragon. I stumbled upon myself, I was too scared to even move a muscle. The eight heads were swinging around viciously, knocking over the trees in the garden.

There was a brief stop of my heartbeat, I thought. Everything happened so quickly, one of its heads swung atop of me. In a blink of an eye, I was gone, into its stomach.

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