Laying back on my heart, breathing dwindling into a slow motion, I stared blankly into the four walls in pitch black, not even sure about what I was looking for. My heart was still beating, alive, I had a lot going on inside me, but I needed a rest, an empty space for my mind to wander around.

Prying open the deepest end of me, my inner self did not respond, I could not find me. It was dark, cold and frigid. I could not make any sense out of this nothingness, lethargic and excitement. Turning around, I still could not see me, the one that was laying around lazily, in the vast realm of darkness, a chasm of nothingness.

Wasted a lot of time crying over wasted time, I realised.

The search had begun even before I knew what was happening, my instincts were faster than my conscience. I went running for my inner self- my old self. High and low, far and wide, I could not perceive where my inner self had gone.

I ran, and ran. There was nothing in sight, just pure nothingness. “Where are you?” I stood still, looked around, paused. My hand reached out for my heart, pointed to it. Bewildered, I was petrified. I could not comprehend my situation at hand.

Pondering, ruminating, taking time to take in the reality. I reset my body, mind and soul into the right direction, into the unwavering signpost of life.

“Look no further, your choice is nearer than you think,” a moment of silence, pure realisation, “you.”

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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