Think Like A Freak By Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner (Book Review)

Thinking that your mind is not as innovative than other people? Give a read on this book, Think Like A Freak encompasses a list of different ways that how a freak thinks, definitely a bemusing read for you.

Their style and presentation of ideas in this book is light, simple and story-based rather than just slapping the facts right into your face. From my perspective, I am going to be a little biased about this book as I already read these facts off other more substantial books compared to this.

In particular, I like the chapter on the three hardest words to say in English- I don’t know. The fact that we, humans, are prone to conceal, lie and cover up what we do not know. We are so afraid of not being in the know, we rather make up something that is not real than admitting that we do not know.

Another one of my favourites from this book is the chapter on King Solomon and David Lee Roth, reflecting the queer power by shifting our perspectives in looking at things from a completely different angle. The story-telling intertwining with the facts are to my liking, an interesting approach of comparison.

Sometimes, we might just be blind to our blindness in perceiving our shortcomings. I like the concept that was presented by them. The only downfall of this book is that it is some sort of a derivative from more deliberate and elaborate books on this ‘mindset shaping’ books. For instance, asking the right questions, stating the obvious by thinking like a child, the art of persuasion.

3.8/5 from me, biased. If you really want to know how to think differently from other people, probably it is time to get one for yourselves, shedding light into how to think.

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