This Is How I Read.

I have read not more than a hundred books up until now, this is considered ridiculously low compared to other proficient English users. Although I read significantly lesser than average, I do appreciate the time that I spent reading, I take them very, very seriously as a time for me to learn.

For months, I can go without reading any books, at all. At times, I can finish one book per day. I am a casual reader, I read when I feel like it, but I know that I must read consistently in order to build up my writing skills.

Before reading, I program my mind in a way that I know nothing about that subject matter that I am going to read, maintain an open mindset, telling myself that this is meaningful. My purpose behind doing this rigorous, arduous work is that I can widen my word bank, adapt other writers’ writing style, broadening my horizon by consistently moulding the way that I think, I perceive and I feel.

Reading has been one of the most empowering activities that I do in life, opening my mind to endless possibilities in how the minds of other fellow humans operate. Awestruck, bewildered, cured, dejected, excited, fucked, gnawing, humiliated, included, jaw-droppers, are what I had experienced with my previous books.

Putting down your dogmatism and preconception is another one of the crucial turning points between enjoying and hating on a book and its author too, maybe. The best books that I have read left me questioning my life, my entirety, my presence as a human being, did have contradicting elements with my beliefs, but their writings shredded my parochial mindset into pieces.

vincit qui patitur. he conquers who suffers, an adage from the Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey. The 5th Wave trilogy broke my mind, shattered my harrowed faculty of thoughts.

War is peace, freedom in slavery, ignorance is strength, an infamous quote from 1984. This mind-fucked me in countless ways, a dystopian awakening for my dormant self, doubting my purpose of existence.

My writings adopts other writers in time, my initial distinct writing style was purely from SLim. Eventually, Sidney Sheldon, Mitch Albom, Haruki Murakami, seeped into my writing DNA.

I will write down the words that I do not know, and word-worthy lines depicted from the books that I have read into a small booklet that can fit in a pocket easily. The dictionary is used by me, yes those paper dictionaries, to look for the definition of the words. This has been the most effective way for me to remember words and I will use those words that I had recorded in my writings from time to time in order to solidify my art form of words.

After reading, I will write a review, as a small reminder for me. Usually, I focus intensely during my reading sessions so that I will impart those fragments of useful knowledge, perception or techniques into my head which does indirectly influence how I think for the days that are to come.

Nonetheless, it is laudable to say that everyone’s brain structure is different, I think in this manner so I have this set of rules that I adhere to when I read. Probably my reading style would not work for you, but find some way to make reading a ‘thing’ for you.

Find the joy in reading, and the reading will be joyful.

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