Just To Stay Afloat

I was running, forwards, into a direction that was set inside my heart for years. Unwavering, the signpost in me, I did not even question when I would end up at my destination, I kept running, obeyed meekly to the given instructions to run ahead, as hard as possible.

As darkness approached, light ebbed away into nothingness, blotched my surroundings, rendering an impenetrable barrier around me where no light was able to shine through. I kept looking in front, scared of what was lying ahead, quivering. Fear gripped my speed, I was decelerating, eventually coming to a halt.

The compass inside my heart dissipated into a forgotten state, I could not recall my purpose of running anymore. Heaving, breathing hard, I did not realise how wearied I was, probably this was my well-deserved rest.

Thud. thud. thud. A set of footsteps were echoing through the void around me. A chill was sent down my spine, I could not decipher the fear that was growing in me. As fear conquered me, I fell into a sprint, running away from the unknown.

Thud. Thud. Thud. The barrage of footsteps proliferated as I ran, I was tenacious but, “What am I running from?” An enlightening question, flinging me into a state of ambiguity and doubtfulness, I began to slow down, again.

The rumbles from the distant grew closer and louder, a cacophony. I came to a halt. An invisible weight tumbled onto me, and another, and another without any window for me to take a breath. I tried to shoulder all of the increasing masses at the same time, and realised that this was more than my capacity.

Shadows upon shadows, everything became heavier upon me, overwhelming, drowning me, almost. Struggling, breathing, trying to no avail as I dripped down into a pool of blackness. I pried myself open, looking at myself solemnly, asking myself again, “What am I running from?” My finger pointed at the light, naturally.

I was running away from true light, befriending the devil, to get further. I was in oblivion when all of these happened. Regrets and pain, I got up, crying copious tears that could not repair my despair. Nothing really mattered anymore as I followed the light inside me once again, the steadfast signpost that is never-changing.

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