Beyond 100

The morning sun tinted the sky with a light contour of yoke, beckoning the break of dawn at the wee hours of the day. I ran across the sand from my straw hut, stripping away my clothes and sandals as I dived right into the heart of the ocean. I swam a few metres away from the shore, taking in the sea breeze as the sun began to peek over the horizon.

It was still cold, but my body warmed up as I swam, adapting me to the surroundings. I kept myself afloat as I watched the sun, briefly. Taking in a deep breath and a glimpse of where the sun was, I dipped under the surface of the blue, blue sea, submersed myself into the depths of the cold, dark insides of an ocean.

Keeping my head clear, I patted myself downwards, fighting against the wildest current which steered me out of my track every time. I kept going, the currents kept pushing, my muscles were working at irregular pace, I eliminated the thought of having a cramp around 10 metres down.

I did not stop to look around. My only goal was down. I zeroed in on the task at hand, I visualised myself at the deepest region of the ocean.

Pressure was increasing exponentially as I dived deeper, I was having difficulties in blood circulation as my muscles felt tired and my head was giddy. My vision was near pitch black, I could not see anything nor could I hear anything.

My heart beat against my ribs, saliva was tasseling in my mouth, my tongue could not stop micro-moving, the only sounds that I heard at this depth were from mine. I never been this deep before, the pressure levels were utterly different than a few moment ago, my whole body was collapsing against itself, I could feel my limbs being squeezed tightly, my neck was strangled by the invisible currents under.

Nothingness, pure silence blessed my ears as I kept on going downwards. My body signals were turned off, my mind shut them out as I dived deeper. I could not feel myself anymore, pressure was crushing against my very soul.

I stopped.




Being at this point of the sea, voices of silence came into my ears. I was experiencing zero noise. My mind was floating, as my heart was failing as I dwelled here even longer.

Unfathomable, I was this deep. Probably more than a 100 metres. A gut feeling, who knows?

Seconds passed, minutes slipped by, I saw a dark reflection of me in the darkness where no light was there, only my pure intuition. I stretched out my hand into the nothingness, my mind was hallucinating, picturing a dark silhouette of me hovering in front of me.

It reached out to me, “Come…” it spoke into me.

My breath was running out, my lungs were prompting me to swim out. “Come…” It tempted me once more with its brisk voice. I could not hold it anymore.

Come!!” Gripped, I was strangled against my will by Mother Nature, reclaiming me back to be one with her. I was wrestling with such currents, intangible yet murderous.

Pop. I broke one of my fingers, knocking me back to my senses. I swam up from Davy Jones’ Locker with a sliver of hope, the change of pressure was driving my system insane. After a few seconds of this, my shoulders started to rip and the muscles at my legs began to tear apart. The pain was excruciating.

Fighting against death was not easy. I put up a good fight. As I reached the top, I took a deep breath, almost forgotten how sweet oxygen was, I vomited blood into the ocean, some of me were disfigured by the pressure.

I swam back, beaten up by the dreaded currents, grateful that I was given another chance to challenge a deeper embrace from the ocean.

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