The sea was calm, cool and collected as I sailed through the resplendent blue reflected from the surface of the sea. I rowed my way along with the waves of the sea, orchestrated with the rhythm of my heart. My wooden boat was gently rippling across the sheet of blueness.

As I got further, the sun was drooped against the horizon, contouring the surroundings with glitters of the salt suspended in the air. The atmosphere around me was salty, uncanny, premeditating a catastrophe that I had never experienced.

Splash. Splash. Splash. I skimmed across the broadness of the sea, overlooking puddles of water forming in thin air, oblivious about what was about to happen. Splash. Splash. Splash. The frequency of the splashes increased dramatically, my mind was unable to comprehend everything that was happening in time.

Thousands of flying fishes flitted across my eyes, I reckoned that my eyes were incapable of capturing their image as they were faster than what I could perceive. Curiosity struck me immediately, I prompted my hand to be raised up high into the sky.

It felt like the wind was breezing across my subcutaneous layer. But as soon as I realised it, my hand was glowing in crimson red, the pain hit me later.

I shrilled. AHHHH!!! A mistake.

The flying fishes stopped in mid-air, I could see their razor teeth and the streamlined body across the sunlight. I was terrified, a pang of ravenous hunger deluged the air around me.

Shit. I thought. A barrage of attacks were launched onto me as I was devoured alive by the flying fishes. The laceration was nimble and painless, I was reduced to bones within seconds of their rampage.

A quick death, nonetheless. Silence swooshes, gleaming redness were my last.

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Hope. Joy. Feelings cloaked as words.

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